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DALIAN LONGBANG COMMERCIAL BUSINESS DEVELOPPING CO.,LTD. is a joint-stock company which mainly engages in selling electronics、sealing and lubricant products, deputizing special lubrication and sealing products all originated from worldwide well-known brands such as Dow Corning、ANDEROL and Loyal ,and we could completely supply in electronic, mechanic, auto, petrochemical, electric, pharmacy and textile industries.

From the beginning of the company’s establishment, we have set up a strong management conception that is sincere, integrity and law abidance. Our employees are mutual complementary in working experience , cultural degrees ,all graduates and academics, working in opening way,providing with powerful technical services including expertise lubrication , sealing, and other additional services, all these guarantee our sold products. We have 12 employees presently and have established branch in ShenYang city. Our company provides long-term technical trainning , stable and normal welfare and all kinds of insurances for our employees.

Our company has successfully sold our surrogates around DaLian ,ShengYang and lots of large state-run , joint venture and solo- investment companies in other districts as a result of technical services and market-exploited. Our marketing amounts rocket up and we have become the long-term and stable supplier to lots of major state-owned, joint-venture and solo-investment companies.

We mainly focus on the relevant services and alliance equipments in all sorts of industrial fields, by way of promoting our motherland’s technology in manufactory industrials, so all our brands deputized are sophisticatedly selected and well received by veterans. Furthermore we strictly reinforce the environmental protection of `the surrogates, and provide safety and stability products for our consumers.

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